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Is Wayne Rooney actually a forward?
Ferguson persists in playing him in wide positions and it simply doesn't work.

Rooney is a forward who thrives on receiving the ball and linking to the man
ahead of him.

Rooney test keepers, defenders and co. How can he test them from the wing?

He doesn't have know-how of a winger. And through no fault of his own, simply
because he's a forward!

Playing players out of position, dents their confidance and they can't get into a
rythem which all good forwards need.

Rooney misses a hanfull of chances in the league simply because he's rotated so

I admire Wayne as a player but also as a person. He takes the team sheet and
plays where he is asked.

He tries his best but by doing this he shows his fustration.

Am I the only one who thinks this? Why did he have such a great season last
year and before?

He was played in his best position!


BTW, I may seem very fustrated in my comments as teh Barcelona game is just
over.......where Wayne played right and the left wing!

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exactly. he's a FORWARD. i missed him up front today and to be totally honest, barely even heard of him the entire match.

we had a couple of chances where the ball bounced across the box but where was out forward wayne to tap them in ? on the wing ! miles out.

fergie needs to get it sorted and stop messing about, becos at the end of the day. it'll cost us ! :(

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christianoharleiro said:
I agree to an extent with most thing but,

"Rooney misses a hanfull of chances in the league simply because he's rotated so

you're so wrong about that.
If he doesn't play in his regular position, how can he expect to get into the best positions to score.

I just feel he's being asked to do things that he does't have to do!

Defend in other words. Let him concentrate on scoring and setting up goals.

We had to see him in our own box to make a vital clearence otherwise a goal was on!

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Fergie got the tactics all wrong today IMO.

Neither Tevez or Rooney were the main striker, instead Ronaldo seemed to be our deepest player all the time. It should have been Ronaldo on the wing and Rooney playing off of Tevez up front.

I really don't get why the Hell he played the formation the way he did.

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He had to play on the wing today.

If Ronaldo was there, then he never gets back leaving Hargreaves exposed at full back, which would mean Carrick or Rio coming across to help out. in turn, leaving gaps elsewhere.

Rooney was amazing today defensivley.

By having 2 men on either flank willing to defend limited the room and chances which messi and co created.

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tactics guys, and if ronny stuck away the pen and we came away with a 1-0 win no1 would complain ... it all comes down to needing him on the pitch so to get him on the pitch he has to be played a bit wider, he's played there because he will track back more than ronaldo :) im sure he'll play up top for the home game

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Yes he should always be used at striker 1st, but I wouldnt actually agree that his wide role hasnt been productive, i remember a great feed to ronaldo, fletcher and i'll have to go back to dvd for the rest, short-term-memory loss. lol

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If we were going to score today it would have been a route 1 pass needing extreme pass. Thats why he was on the wing, Ronaldo would be able to run onto a pass faster.
If we hadn't played such a defensive tactic we wouldn't have played him on the wing.

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rooney can play anyware but the 100% performance dont appear in the wings
last season he scores 23 goals and he didnt play a single game as a wing so fergie please get him back to the attacking positions please

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fazman said:
Have faith in fergie he fancy's rooney out wide I think we are all missing the point we went to the nou camp and didnt concede a goal so the plan worked
no rooney disappeared versus barca he didnt even defend as he used to he should get back to his Original postion now

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Oh God ... I just laughed my ass off ...

Fergie has been at United for 23 years !

As a manager he has 31 Major Trophies !

Including Champions League, FA Cup, CarlingCup, European Cup Winners Cup,
English Premier League (9 times), Scottish Premier League, Scottish FA Cup and
some more just for good measure.....

So I think t is pretty safe to say ...

He has a rough idea of what he is doing.

He knows a thing or two about tactics.

It would appear he has a desire to win, win and win some more !

So to read some of the comments on here ...


Saying Fergie did it wrong, Fergie got the tactics wrong etc etc

Is rather amusing.

Play Ronaldo on the wing against Barcelona ?

You must be joking ! Now that is complete madness.....,

Barcelona are a very good team - so it stands to reason Ronnie is going to go
missing !!! He wont show up ! He'll trot round the pitch like a prima donna and
do............nothing !!

He will never track back after losing the ball. He'll either be sat on his ass with his
hands in the air cursing at the ref. Or he'll need to stop and adjust his boots,
maybe he gets a bonus every time the cameras give a close up of him doing that,
from the sponsors. Ronaldo is lazy, he loves all the fancy runs and showboating,
but when it comes to helping out defensively, forget it, he's rubbish !!

Rooney, however, is a completely different proposition.

He runs and runs until he drops. He'll chase the ball for 50-60 metres if he loses
it and sd capable of defensive work or firing in a perfect ball for Ronnie to run on

Fergie got it spot on last night !

If you were offered a 0 - 0 at the Nou Camp in the first leg, you would grab it with
both hands, if not you need certifying and locking up for 40 years for being
criminally insane.

United at Old Trafford have been awesome !

Sure we've had a few 'mishaps' but overall they can take care of the best of the
best !!

Who is most scared now, Fergie or Frank Rijkard ?

I can answer that for you very easily, it's a no brainer !!

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rooney is a striker.....and when we do buy a poacher or atleast a player who plays up top and thrives on good passes and good balls into the box....then rooney will be useful as he can play his antural and favourite position that is providing for the striker and dominating the hole ahead of the midfielders......
right now we have tevez who is not a poacher and we have ronaldo who is a good finisher...i understand why ronnie was kept up front.....we needed a good finisher with great pace in that game.........
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