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We need to loan Simmo for 6 months !

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Hi guys, :)

I was just wondering if sir Alex Ferguson would let Danny Simpson go on loan when the january transfer window re-opens.
Because there are some intrested clubs such as Sunderland.
I think that guy need to play permanintly in the premier league to get some experience because he really need it.
Today in the Everton match I noticed that he needs a lot of experience and I think a short loan would be a good option because Gary is comin' back and there are 2 players who can play at right back I mean O'shea and Brown.
So, there is no point in keeping Simmo in the team for the next 6 months.
Don't you agree with me ?

^^ sorry about the language cuz im really dizzy :(
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Yes, you may have a point there. Simpson seems a good player but wont really get too many chances at United. I guess a lot depends on what's going to happen with Wes and is Neville going to be the same player he once was. The only people that know these answers are SAF and the people at the club.

We may also be buying a right back or a defender in the transfer window as it has been speculated. If Simpson needs to be loaned out Im sure it will be to Sunderland. Keane trusts him and will play him to gain vital experience. Simpsom played a key role in Sunderland's promotion and it's known that Keane is a great admirer of the player.
No problem at all Faisal.

Regarding your first point on Neville, I feel you are quick to make judgements here. Yes Nev has been out a long time but he is our captain, a legend in the making, Red Nev...I feel he has every chance to become as good as he was. He has the drive, hunger and determination to suceed and I believe he will. Im sceptical like the rest but i still believe he can do it.

Your second point I would agree with. it would benefit the lad to play regular football.

Your 3rd point I would have to disagree strongly with that. Wes has always shown his commitment to United over the years with over 270 games for the club.
He has been solid all season in a water tight defence. Its very hard to look good when Rio, Vida and Evra are the other 3 defenders. we all recognise those 3 players are great. but Wes has always done the job when asked.

He is a local lad and the constant speculation over right backs and the re-emergence of Neville/or not can only make him feel unwanted. He has the right to get a good contract, he deserves it. He earns far far less than the top earners and he should get a break imo. We just have to wait and see what happens in January but I would be very sad to see Wes leave.

Btw Wes wasnt absent today. He played centre back in the absence of Rio who had a slight knock.
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