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We need to loan Simmo for 6 months !

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Hi guys, :)

I was just wondering if sir Alex Ferguson would let Danny Simpson go on loan when the january transfer window re-opens.
Because there are some intrested clubs such as Sunderland.
I think that guy need to play permanintly in the premier league to get some experience because he really need it.
Today in the Everton match I noticed that he needs a lot of experience and I think a short loan would be a good option because Gary is comin' back and there are 2 players who can play at right back I mean O'shea and Brown.
So, there is no point in keeping Simmo in the team for the next 6 months.
Don't you agree with me ?

^^ sorry about the language cuz im really dizzy :(
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We definately do need to loan out simmo, but only when nevilles back! He needs to get more first team experience, because he has the potential to be one hell of a RB ;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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