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hafiz_shukri00391 said:
fixtures of the top three look like this..


AstonVilla (H)--------------------Middlesbrough (H)----------Bolton (A)
Middlesbrough (A)--------------ManCity (A)-------------------Liverpool (H)
Arsenal (H) --------------------Wigan (H)-------------------------ManUtd (A)
Blackburn (A)--------------------Everton (A)-------------------Reading (H)
Chelsea (A)---------------------ManUtd (H)------------------DerbyCounty (A)
West Ham (H)-------------------Newcastle (A)----------------Everton (H)
Wigan (A)------------------------Chelsea (H)------------------Sunderland (A)
How is chelsea going to play themselves at home? And do not forget the Champions League ties..they are equally important and remember they travel alot which has a huge effect on the players and games they play in!
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