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Good post Richie. I pretty much agree with the majority of your assessment,
but I think we should give our midfield a chance to shine. Its been solid over the
last few seasons and its been decent enough this year so far. Fletch has done well,
Scholes still has great games in him, Anderson should maybe be given more time.
There is also Possebon who looks a prospect. We should see it through till
the summer and re-evaluate then. I agree about Carrick and Nani, but you failed
to mention Hargreaves who will be like a new signing when he gets fit.
He is a great player in my eyes and has yet to really get his career going at OT.
His injury was unfortunate to say the least.

We also have the Serbian lads to come in, and who knows how they will do.
Im a big admirer of the 2 possible transfers you mentioned (Benzema and Ribery)
They would add greatly to the team, but we should give our boys a chance first.
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