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Welcome West Brom!!! Chapionship Champions!!!!

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Confirmed as Champions today. :)

Good team, play good football, unlike some PL teams :p

I think they can sneak a top 10 finish if a few things go there way.
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fazman said:
May 2009

goodbye west brom
No, I don't think so.

This team have a lot about them and as ADAM said, they play fantastic football.

I think they'll have a season like Reading did when they two years ago.
fazman said:
well see k4t
Hopefully, If I live that long ;)
ADAM_85 said:
Look who they've got though Faz.

Dean Kiely, Kev. Phillips (golden boot winner in a few years back when Sunderland won promotion) ex United players; Wallwork and Greening, and the young City lad, Miller. And i'm sure they'll sign a few. These guys are no Derby.
Greening is probably the most skilfull player in the Championship.

Why did United let him go?
Reading finished 8th in their first season so why not WBA who are in my opinion just as good.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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