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Short interview with Fergie about his supersticion for Welsh hat.....


Who is guilty of practical joking at Old Trafford....

This week, the boss talks Welsh hats and practical jokes...

I've seen pictures of you wearing a Wales hat during training when the team are
away in Europe. Where did it come from and do you have any other

Wearing that hat is a superstition of mine. I can't remember the first time I put it
on but I stole it off Giggs. It's staying with me now! I used to wear a vintage
United strip for European away games – it's the original red strip that was made
for the final in 1968. Obviously there was a colour change and the United team
had to wear blue, so it's one of very few that were made. I still have it, but I
don't wear it that much.

I've read that the players like to play a lot of practical jokes. Are you and the
coaches ever on the receiving end?

Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs and Scholes are the main culprits, and we've all been on
the receiving end. Scholes and Giggs play jokes in their quiet, surreptitious
ways – Ronaldo and Rooney are just incessant. Patrice Evra is also a very funny
lad – there are a few tricksters about the place and you have to keep on your
toes. I never try and get them back, although I can fine them!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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