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From BBC Sport...

Wembley has been chosen to host the 2011 Champions League final.

European governing body Uefa selected the stadium ahead of Munich's Allianz Arena and Berlin's Olympiastadion.

The news had been expected after Uefa delayed its decision to allow the UK Government to bring in a tax exemption for players appearing in the final.

Wembley's gain is Arsenal's loss as the Emirates Stadium must now withdraw from the race to host the 2011 final of the Europa League, formerly the Uefa Cup.

The Champions League final was last hosted by the UK in 2003 at Old Trafford.

Wembley has not staged it since 1992 when Barcelona beat Sampdoria in the year before the competition became known as the Champions League.

"This is fantastic news for London and the UK," said Football Association chairman Lord Triesman.

"It is acknowledgment of Wembley's ranking alongside the very best football stadiums in the world.

"As Wembley has been chosen to host the Champions League Final this means the Emirates Stadium can't stage the 2011 Europa League final.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Arsenal for all their valuable support during the bid process and recognise the very strong bid that they put together."

I think I'll try and get tickets for the final no matter who is playing. I applied for tickets for the UEFA Cup Final when it was at the council house but my application was rejected.

Shame for Arsenal about not being able to host the 2011 UEFA Cup Final now. Would have helped pay off some of their massive debt for building the stadium. :D

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Imagine if we get to the final it will be madness you could be talking half of manchester hitting the m6 down to London .

If you dont get in there is plenty of places to drink and watch the match Im sure they would put up big screens for us.

Well we can dream lets get there hey !!

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I just read this... said:
London's Wembley Stadium, long considered as the premier football venue in the country, has been chosen ahead of two main other arenas to host the 2011 Champions League final.

Ever since the stadium re-opened in 2007, after four years of re-construction, the FA have harboured ambitions of hosting the continent's most prestigious club cup competition, but lost their 2010 bid to Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu home due to issues surrounding the taxation of the finalists by the UK government.

Those issues appear to have been resolved though, as Sky Sports have confirmed that 90,000 capacity ground will provide the backdrop to the Champions League final in two seasons time.

Wembley had been the favourites to land the date, but faced stiff German competition as Munich's Allianz Arena and Berlin's Olympiastadion also put forth strong bids.

The decision is bad news for Arsenal, as their Emirates Stadium will now not be granted the Uefa Cup - soon to be Europa League - final as no two finals can be staged in the same country in the same year.

The last time England hosted a Champions League final was during the all-Italian clash in 2003 when AC Milan beat Juventus.

This year's final will be held in Roma's Stadio Olimpico home.

Great news!!
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