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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes football could be targeted by extremists and revealed his club had received terror alerts before games.
The Frenchman's comments come a week after the attacks on the Sri Lanka cricket team bus in Pakistan.
"We don't regard ourselves as terror targets but you wonder why not," said the 59-year-old.
"It has happened to us, where we have had alerts before games that we played at home."
He added: "We kept quiet about it. I wonder about this because in England, you don't get any police escort before games - they refuse, especially in London.
Wenger believes it was the responsibility of governments to protect sporting teams.
"You rely on the internal security of the country where you are," he said.
Wenger recalled an incident that caused him concern while he was manager of Japanese side Nagoya Grampus during the mid-1990s.
"I remember when I was in Japan, I had this problem as well because we had at that stage somebody who had all the machinery and they put sarin gas into the subway."
Six police officers escorting the Sri Lanka cricket team were killed and seven players were injured in the shootings in Lahore last week.

Mr Wenger does have a point here, i remember a few years ago about some plan by extremists to attack the England team. At the same time tho u cant have a football stadium like a prison....

Anybody any thoughts on Arsenes statement?
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