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Wenger Is A Hard Faced Liar !!

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Every week, every single week I hear him. Moaning, complaining about decisions
from referees. The referee didn't protect his players or the ref ignored
the 'certain' penalty appeal Arsene could see from 56 metres away ... :rolleyes:

Jose was given a special name - Moaninho - boy that guy could moan alright. But
now I think Wenger is undisputed champion of the world for moaning !!

But when the 'blatant' foul by one of his players goes in - inside the penalty box -
suddenly Wenger goes blind, he saw nothing !! He has convenient 20/20 vision.
It comes and goes as and when he needs it.

So last night I settled down to watch highlights of the United 'v' Arse game and to
be honest I was shocked by the antics of Arsenal. They are a disgrace the way
they play. Yes this game is physical but not to the extent they play.

Six yellow cards ... yes SIX !!!

It means an automatic fine from the FA of course - and quite rightly so - you can't
run around behaving like this.

The best one though was Adebayor's "goal" ...

A handball so obvious and blatant - and yet it was allowed to stand - Wenger
saw nothing - along with 2 linesmen a referee and a 4th official. Every single one
of them suddenly developed blindness !!

Words fail me to be honest ...

Why can Arsenal get away with so much - and then moan about other things that
never happened ? Why is nothing done about them ?

I have one more thing to say ...

For Wenger ... A little song ...

“This is how it feels to be City,
This is how it feels to be small,
This is how it feels when your team

Wins nothing, NOTHING at all !!!!!â€

Source: Carly's brain @ :p
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he is not lair he is good maneger and good freind of Sir alex ferguson
This going on isnt it..... whenever his side commits a foul , wenger goes blind and doesnt see anything...... If anyone tackles his team , his eyes are replaced by microscopes and they are wide open..... typical wenger
things did go against him for the last couple of months. penalty appeals, injuries....
it would also be hard to take if that happened against us.
and about the handball which led to the goal, actually none of our players appealed at the moment, and none of us would realise until the fourth replay.
wenger, a great manager, but surely not a french gentleman
I hate his moaning!! Ohh he is a champion when it comes to moaning and all those excuses he brings up are just pathetic! Does anyone remember when he said they lost the game because of the 'wind'? Yes you read corrcect...he blamed the WIND!! Nah its not the players who played bad but it was the winds fault!! hahaha his a big joke imo lmao
sparkic said:
I hate his moaning!! Ohh he is a champion when it comes to moaning and all those excuses he brings up are just pathetic! Does anyone remember when he said they lost the game because of the 'wind'? Yes you read corrcect...he blamed the WIND!! Nah its not the players who played bad but it was the winds fault!! hahaha his a big joke imo lmao

THE WIND!!!!!!!! man, this guy is a serious moaner. Guess Moaninho has a thing or two to be learned from the ARSEnal man.
I guess some people who are winners can tend to be incredibly sore loosers. He is one of them.
I wonder what his players must think, when they hear him moaning about every thing that goes against them. He isn't the first manager to think every decision has gone against him and he won't be the last. He needs to learn to accept defeat, gracefully.
It is a great shame, when a well respected manager like him behaves in such a manner.
To be honest, Wenger's moaning doesn't bother me. He is only moaning cos
he lost, the same as Fergie would do, if the shoe was on the other foot.
I prefer just laughing at Arsenal. They have blown their season and we are
on course for a fantastic one.
I prefer not to stoop to their level of moaning, and let the lads do the talking on
the pitch.
Hes a bad looser and can't handle the fact that Fergie has masterminded victory
over him and that he will end the season trophyless!

Actually, the more he moans, that mean the more unrest and unhapy the squad
and drssing room, keep on moaning Arsene! ;)
Hes a prat who refuses to accept defeat ever
His team epitomises him , whinging and moaning .
i am dissapointed fergie was nice to him , that idiot has never come out with one word of praise about us.
at least when the arse won the league fergie was magnanamous and said the best team won , and when we won it he was praising arsenal for a great run in etc , but wenger he gloats when they win it and when they lose they were still playing the better football.
i want to know what pillock started this "arsenal play the best football" crap , every idiot is saying the same thing.
united have scored more goals and conceded the least , thats why we are top and at times our football has been breathtaking.
stretty said:
PILLOCK ! hhaaha. i love that word.

anyway. wenger really make me laff tbh the amount of excuses he come out with. they could lost 15 - 0 "weee...ermmm.....we waz zee....ermmm...better team"

a player could make a blatant dive in the penalty box "i...errmm....waz certain it waz a penalty....even was foggy...zere were 3 opposition my line of sight, and i was looking in zee....ermmm... opposite direction at zee time also. but for me....penalty.

gallas could slide tackle a players leg off into the crowd "i believe...ermmm....zee fa need to take action...ermmm....on divers"

either way. he needs to sort himself out. tbh i did feel a bit sorry for him after the match. he looked like he was gna burst into tears. and he also reminds me of an angry french chef haha "GET ZEE HELL OWT OF MY KITCHEN! "
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Wenger and several journalists have said that Arsenal were unlucky on sunday.

Although, Adeybayor clearly used his hand to guide the ball into the back of the net and Gallas wasn't sent off for a deliberate hand ball in the box :eek:

Surely, it was indeed Arsenal who had the lions share of the luck on sunday against us.

Ten when Wenger and his paid journalists come out with, "Oh Arsenal were unlucky" I lose respect for the man. I had no respect for said journalists.

Thanks for listening ;)
fazman said:
He is a moaning french frog
Less of the racism eh Faz? ;)
i know it's not related to the subject...but nice pic carly:D
Wenger has always been moaning his whole time whilst at Arsenal, this is nothing new!
He blames everything but himself... Never won a thing in the last 3 coming to 4 years, yet still arrogant with his words... Can't somebody just goes up to him and say 'know your role and shut your mouth'.

He just can't take it that he's out of his so called DOUBLES dream smashed in a week...
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