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Arsene Wenger is reportedly determined to 'stick to his principles' and will resist calls to make significant additions to his current squad at Arsenal in the summer despite their recent collapse.
According to The Times, Wenger is 'adamant that his young players have the talent and the temperament to win leading trophies and will give many of them the chance to do so next season.' Despite being offered a £35m transfer budget by the club's board, Wenger is set to only make a few tweaks to his squad and will stubbornly resist the temptation to make a 'big-name signing.'
Although Wenger has reportedly acknowledged the need to sign an 'an experienced defender' - possibly at the expense of either Philippe Senderos or Johan Djourou - The Times says that 'he is likely to focus his efforts on securing the best of the upcoming generation, with Hatem Ben Arfa, the 20-year-old Lyons winger, a top target.'
The general inexperience of the current Arsenal squad has been cited as a salient factor in their Premiership decline and exit from the Champions League. With an average age of around 23, it is the youngest of the Big Four. However, with its two elder statesmen, Gilberto Silva and Jens Lehmann, both bound to depart in the summer, the probability is that Arsenal's squad will be even more youthful next season. Having already insisted that he plans to give more games to the likes of Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner in 2008/09, Wenger is also understood to be planning to solve the Gunners' obvious deficiency on the flanks by recalling Carlos Vela and Fran Merida from their current loan spells in Spain.

I don't know about Merida, but I have seen Carlos Vela play and the guy is really, relly good. Arsenal definitely have a strong squd and I will be hapy if Wenger really doesn't spend in the summer.

Article No.2

Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal are suffering the consequences of their reliance on youth as their season teeters on the brink of ruin.

Wenger's young Gunners defied all expectations by starting the season at a blistering pace and establishing a five-point lead at the Premier League summit.

But inconsistency and bad luck have undermined their campaign since February and failure to beat Manchester United will crush their remote title hopes.

A third consecutive season without silverware beckons but Wenger refuses to abandon his preference for nurturing emerging talent over signing expensive superstars.

The Frenchman accepts his players have proved fallible at key moments this season but is adamant they have the class to succeed.

"When you go for a youth policy you know about the price you must pay," he said.

"We knew that we had to enter March with a big advantage but now we have no special pressure on us and we can use that to our favour.

"Big moments in big games have gone against us. We have to think about that at the end of the season and try to rectify it.

"Last month we were 1-0 up against Chelsea with 17 minutes to go but lost the game 2-1. We had the game in our hands, we just had to grab it.

"At decisive moments in games we have shown a lack of maturity and that's what's gone wrong for us recently. It's only maturity, not quality."

Wenger has been criticised for a cautious approach to recruitment that has left the squad short of numbers and experience at the decisive stage of the season.

Funds are available but the Gunners boss is convinced the club, who were knocked out of the Champions League by Liverpool on Tuesday, can compete without spending big.

"We have gone for a policy and have to stick with it," he said.

"It's very difficult to change the policy when you're in the middle of it and of course you destroy the work you've completed in the previous years.

"We are very close to our rivals and we have to keep this team together.

"We fight with Chelsea who lose over £100million per year and we make £50million per year.

"We still have to beat them and if we don't beat them then it's viewed as a disaster. I have to take a better perspective on it.

"We play against Manchester United tomorrow and how much money have they spent on players? But I still believe we can beat them."

Wenger will be hoping for a more palatable outcome than on Arsenal's last trip to Old Trafford, when they were spanked 4-0 in the FA Cup.

That result, conceded by a disinterested side more focused on their Champions League clash with AC Milan four days later, has been identified as a pivotal moment of the season.

But Wenger is adamant it has no bearing on Sunday's heavyweight showdown and is confident Arsenal can still reclaim the Premiership title they last won in 2004.

"We didn't go for the FA Cup this year, frankly. That match will have now influence on our behaviour tomorrow," he said.

"If you look at the expectations everyone had for us, if we were not to win anything now it would not be a huge disappointment.

"Nobody expected us to be in the top four so why is it suddenly a huge disappointment that we might not win anything?

"But first let's play tomorrow because my expectations are still very high."

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Well that is good news for us! His got cash but won't spend...less transfer competition, the better for us. Ben Arfa looks like he is set to go and he is French so going to Arsenal would be the expected transfer. They do need wingers because Eboue is just crap really..i heard they are linked to Queresma too and they so need a world class defender asap! Maybe Modric might come as a winger too but he recently said he wants to go to Liverpoo...who also want/need a winger. This summer transfer period is going to be so interesting as all clubs have cash to spend and watchout if you all think this EPL season was the best yet - next season should be even better!

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yup. wenger does need a winger and a experienced defender as back up.

eboue is crap at right wing definitely. he's only that cause he has lots of pace. but seriously, he is a right back by trade, not a right winger. senderous is also looking to become the next pascal cygan(remember him?).

as for carlos vela, he's a mexican, but i think he plays more like an attacking midfielder not winger. they still have walcott though, a speedy winger, just that, the cross is lacking at times. they dont make full use of adebayor/bendtner's aerial prowess. dont forgot hleb can play as a winger too, although he's used more in the role 'hole behind the striker' more this season.

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it is better he thinks that his side will improve next season
he will be stupid if he didnt get an older experiance in the feild they lost the league and the champoins league cuz no experiance for the young lads of arsen wenger

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Here we go again ... :rolleyes:

Wenger is slowly but surely running out of ideas
on how to look completely stupid with the minimum
of effort.

My God he has actually descended so low he is now
copying some of Mourinho's clap-trap nonsense.

"I'm not going to buy in the summer - I'm not going to .....

Moaninho then proceeded to put a hole the size of
£25 Million in Abramobitch's wallet !!

Wenger - we at have this to say to you ...

"We dont care if you buy, sell or swap ...

We are not worried about you and your team of
young 'pretenders' ...

They are obviously not very good at pretending but for
the 7 months of a nine month season you actually
managed to sustain a serious challenge - well done .....

At least you lasted longer than the Dippers who had
their usual season ... "It's our year this year - and out
of the Prem Race by November"

I still have a little laugh when I see the names Arsenal
and Arsene Wenger - how ironic they both start with 'Arse' ... :D

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Terry Taunts Arsenal

Chelsea skipper John Terry believes Arsenal's title hopes will soon slip away because they have not got enough Englishmen on the pitch.

The 26-year-old feels English players have a togetherness and that Arsenal's batch of foreigners may lack the same backbone.

"You need an English backbone - one with that force, that togetherness, that pulling together," the defender told the Sun.

"That's what the English players have. It's why Arsenal might come up short in the run-in."

The Gunners' season took a major blow midweek when they were dumped out of the Champions League by Liverpool thanks to a Ryan Babel onslaught in the final minutes.

With league-leaders Manchester United favourites to lift the title and retain the Premiership trophy, Terry says the same result could be yet another bitter pill to swallow.

"After watching Manchester United win the title last season, it hurt me more that anything else," he added.
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