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Wenger says the title race momentum is with United!!!!!!

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Wenger has said that the momentum of the title race is with United after his side dropped point against birmingham and then aston villa
The Gunners lead United by just one point after disappointing draws against Birmingham and Aston Villa in their last two games,while united scored 8 goals on their last 2 games!!!!!!!!!
Speaking after today's 1-1 home draw with Villa, thanks to a last-gasp equaliser from Nicklas Bendtner, Wenger said "the momentum is with Manchester United".
But he added to say that his afvourit is stil arsenal..........
"I believe the point we gained today will have a big impact on the Premier League, and staying top helps," he insisted.
"You know you go through a spell like that and I believe that the point gained can have vital importance," Wenger continued.
"For the observers we will not be favourites and Manchester United will be but I believe that we are top, a point in front, have [lost] just one game all season and maybe in a bad spell at the moment but we will bounce back and I am confident we will do it.
"That point today can make a big difference."
SAF went on to say that his team now has a great chance of lifting the trophy......
"Results like those in the last two games against Newcastle and Fulham will only help that."
SAF went on to agree that now the title is a 3 horse race after the victory of chelsea against west ham by 4 goals to 0

i wrote it myself(most of it atleast!!!) other than the qoutes.......:) ......not bad IMO!!!!!!!:D

What do you guys think???comment on it....
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At your age, not bad at all. Keep up the good work.......... :)

I agree with Wenger. The momentum is definitely back with us; it is for us to behave and press on to retain our title.

From what I saw in their game against Villa, they will be KO-ed by Milan this midweek and then drop further points in the league in the aftermath. And will be trophyless this season.

And Wenger will be moaning and pointing fingers everywhere around him again aka John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever...
thank you versa!!!!!!!!!!

arsene wenger really has to get it together if he hopes to get at least the automatic qualification for the UCL.......but chelsea too has a momentum going and 2 more results like these and arsenal will be down again.......
Kudos akash, it's quite a great read! ;) But personally, I think ue hve the potential to become the next 'Jazz16' or 'babysenorita' (and ue 2 don't quote this line :D)whom I think are two of the best posters over here @ this forum.

Now back to the topic, I'm really glad that Arsene Wenger has gone back to his senses at least. Currently, Arsenal, Chelsea & last but not least, Manchester United are in the Premiership title race. Chelsea is slowly catching with with both the Gooners' & us. While not forgetting that Le'Arse has only lost once in the Premiership this season. Like I hve said earlier, and I don't mind repeating again, Arsenal are a great, young team who needs more time to learn & believe me, they don't hve the resilience that United & Blue Scum possessed. £hel$ki & us are the been-there-done-that sides who hve truly experienced the title race before, so it will not be a stranger to them and United. All 3 of us are in for a shout but this how I'll rate thier chances of winning the Premiership title this season:

United - 35%
Chelsea - 35%
Arsenal - 30%

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Kudos akash, it's quite a great read! But personally, I think ue hve the potential to become the next 'Jazz16' or 'babysenorita' (and ue 2 don't quote this line )whom I think are two of the best posters over here @ this forum.
lol......thanks for the compliment....... :D
United - 35%
Chelsea - 35%
Arsenal - 30%

I agree with you & I hope we win all march matches, I think we will take the lead this month :)

Derby away
bolton home
liverpool home 23rd march "when we will be on the top"
aston villa home

arsenal got

wigan away
middlesbrough home
chelsea away
Bolton away
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akash_reds said:
lol......thanks for the compliment....... :D
Swearing removed

nice post buddy

Finally Wenger talks a little sense Momentum is with united and arsenal have thrown it all away!... all lies of course, his sad attempt at mind games
finally an honest answer form wenger, we do have the momentum. but i do believe the title race will be decided by how man utd and arsenal do at stamford bridge. whoever come out on top will be crowned
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