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ARSENE WENGER is ready to wield the Arsenal axe following a furious dressing-room bust-up.
Angry Gunners stars were heard shouting and arguing after Tottenham hit two
late goals to seal a 4-4 draw at the Emirates on Wednesday.

And fuming manager Wenger is set to make widespread changes for Saturday's must-win trip to Stoke.

An Arsenal source said: “Everyone was going crazy in the dressing room after the
game. There were a lot of raised voices and fingers being pointed.

“Everyone was blaming each other for Spurs' two late goals and the manager
was as angry as anyone has seen him for a long time.â€

Central to the argument was the lack of leadership from captain William Gallas
and his central-defensive partner Mikael Silvestre.

Left-back Gael Clichy was particularly distraught at his part in Tottenham's third
goal and questions were also asked about the way possession was surrendered
in the dying seconds to allow Aaron Lennon a last-gasp equaliser.

Wenger has been particularly alarmed by the defensive errors.

His team will face an aerial bombardment at the Britannia Stadium and he does
not feel he can rely on some of his players to stand up and be counted.

Gallas, conveniently, has already been ruled out of the game by a hamstring
injury, while Emmanuel Eboue is also struggling with a knee injury.

But Silvestre, Clichy, Samir Nasri and Denilson could also pay the price, with Kolo
Toure, Abou Diaby, Alex Song and Johan Djourou in line for a recall.

Striker Emmanuel Adebayor summed up the anger in the camp when he
moaned: “I am tired of saying that we cannot drop any more points and then we
end up dropping more points.

“It was not even against a top-four side but against Tottenham, who are bottom of the league.

“But it is best not to say too much right now because there would be a lot of
words that we aren't supposed to use to each other. It is best to go home, have
a rest, learn our lessons from this match, then get together and tell the truth.

“We need to let our nerves calm down and then we will all have to accept the criticism.â€

Source: The Sun *Ahem* :p

I love it when the Arse mess up.

Wenger can't afford to drop too many of his 'star' players. It would be cutting his
nose off to spite his face.

It's convnient that Gallas is 'injured' :rolleyes:

Worst ever captain appointed in the history of the premiership in my opinion,
his attitude stinks and he has zero leadership abilities. How can his fellow players
respect him when he cries on the picth and throws tantrums all the time?

They need to sort out their troubles fast because i'd like to see Liverpool in fourth
at the end of the season.

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HAHAHA hilarious.

They do not like a team as 'one' anyway. They seem abit tighter together than last season but still, i get the feeling that adebayor has his own group and theres another group of the more quiet player, i always get the impression when im watching arsenal.

Anyway its not healthy for them with so many young players in the team and gallas constantly showing the pressure so visibily, can only affect them! hahahaha

side note...Samir nasri looks a good player, the premiership is getting filled with good midfield talent.


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they are a lost team in my opinion, no player apart from walcott and maybe adebayor has really performed. Fabregas looks uninspired, gallas and silvestre are a mess, and nobody has stepped up to the role flamini did last season. I think it may be the lack of a real leader in the squad, fabregas looked like he would assume that role but again this season he just looks uninspired which may be a sign he wants to move back to spain like so many media outlets have sugested. Gallas the captain is imo just a joke, winning like a little girl at the end of the game shows he is in no way adept to leading let alone captaining a top four club.

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how much longer will gooners put up with the excuses wenger comes up with for fluffing games?..they play gorgeous football,but never win anything,its all very well playing good footie,but not winning games,oh dear oh dear....wonder how long before mr wenger gets the chop?
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