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stretty said:
personally i think its the history and tradition of our club .
it has took years and years of great football played by the likes of edwards best law charlton etc which elevated us to one of the biggest clubs in the world.
fergie built on the foundations laid by busby and built an empire , the berbatov transfer gives you a bit of faith in present day footballers because he turned the big bucks down of chelsea and city and came to us.
he also mentioned he was coming to the biggest club in the world and while he was sitting outside the office he had a walk around and saw photos of our great past players on the walls he then new he had made the right move.
money can buy you most things apart from our glorious past and history our club is steeped in tradition for playing the best football and i think along with our support is the pulling power which not many footballers turn down (only the greedy do)

nicely put stretty..:cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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