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As we all know this week has been quite emotional with the 50th anniversary of
Munich and all that has been going on.

Tomorrow we play City in what will also be an emotional game. Nothing but
victory will do tomorrow I'm afraid.

But on 6th February 1958 the eight 'Busby Babes' that lost their lives, Geoff Bent,
Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy
Taylor and Liam 'Billy' Whelan, marked the destruction of Busby's team back then.

The tributes have been flowing this week to honour what possibly could have
been United's most successful squad ever.

Sir Matt Busby once said famously “I felt I was in a position where I could have
sat back for the next 10 years and just watched them play. They were ready to
take over from Real Madrid as the best team in the world.â€

This begs us to ask the question whether or not Sir Matt's Busby Babes would
have become European football's greatest ever team ?

Are they United's greatest ever team or would the European Cup winning team of
1968 or the 1999 treble winners eclipse them ?

Some people believe a team can only become great off the back of the trophies
they've won.

There's no denying the talent of the Busby Babes but unfortunately they were
cruelly prevented from adding silverware to their reputation.

For success, there surely can't be anything that matches the treble winning year
of 1999 and hopefully the current squad !

Do you agree ? Or, do you think the likes of Duncan Edwards should be idolised as
our greatest ever team ?

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Most people that saw the Babes play say they would have gone on to conquer Europe. Its pretty clear that they would have won the European Cup at least once or twice (probably more) before their first success in '68.

We had the debate before of who was the greatest team (in Fergie's era) and that divided opinion a lot.
The teams of the late 50's and late 60's were easily up there as United's greatest ever teams. Who was the very best??? Its a tough question to answer because there is no definitive answer.

Everyone always wonders what could have been regarding the team that was destroyed in Munich 50 years ago.
When you here the stories about players like Edwards, Whelan, Taylor and Byrne etc its inevitable that they would have won everything for years and years.

The beauty of Manchester United is the football they have always played. From Sir Matt's early philosophies on playing attacking, exciting football and giving youth a chance which has been continued on so masterfully by Fergie.

We are so lucky as fans to be supporting the biggest club in the World.
We have had many great teams to enjoy like the teams of 1958, 1968, 1994, 1999 and 2008?
Long may we have success but more importantly remember the History of our wonderful football club.

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the busby babes were without doubt a team of great potential,a potential we will never the leos de lisboas do it for me....11 guys from glasgow who won the european cup in 67 for celltic....first in the dressing room to congratulate jock stein?.....his good friend:D ...matt busby:D
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