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I would love to see Adriano(25) at the club, he has wonderful left foot, technically gifted and he is excellant in the air.
There are a few problems at Inter that could see him leave as he doesnt get on with the manager.

Adriano is a great physical specimin at 6ft 4 inch, great talent, would suit united down to the bones. It would be fantastic to be able to see him put on a red shirt for us, another good talent is Sergio Aguero(19), who plays for Atletico Madrid, this is why Fernando Torres is not wanted as Aguero is an incredible talent and Atletico want to build a team around him.

Ryan Babel(20), played well for holland but is well aware of interest from Arsenal, supposidly wanting to make a 6million pound offer for his services as the long term replacment for Henry.

Adriano is already a proven player, but needs a team and management who can bring the best out of him, at this moment in time its definately Man Utd.
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