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What changes would you bring to the Ireland squad?

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Management and players - both welcome! Funny, I was sitting there waiting for the bell to go for my first class in the seating area. The two men opposite me were giving Steve Staunton and Mark Delaney a hard time and the Ireland team a slagging off. Certain players were picked out such as Liam Miller.

So I am interested to know what changes you would bring? what would you do different? How would your line up look? Do you think Staunton knows what he is doing like he claimed last night?

Please, spare your smart comments such as "were English who cares". For anyone who hasn't notice believe it or not - Irish people are on this forum!!!:D ;)
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im scottish who cares? :D

nah but seriuosly, id get a proper manager not Steve Staunton....then with the team just try get back to the basics then push on from there
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