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What game was "thrown"?

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As you probably all know, there was an article in a newspaper recently which
declared that a Premier League team had a player who accepted a large sum of
money from a bookmaker to pay off debts, in return getting himself sent-off and
three teammates booked. Apparently this occurred over the last two years.

This is an absolute disgrace and its just not on. I don't care who did it, its not
right and it should be punished heavily.

The following are a list of games which are liable to have severe investigations
applied to. They date from 6th April '07 till present. The team in bold,
is the one which had a sending off and three yellows, (at least)

Arsenal 2 - 1 Bolton
Reading 1-2 Chelsea
Newcastle 1-0 Wigan
Man Utd 2-0 Blackburn
Tottenham 2-1 Man City
Wigan 5-3 Blackburn
Tottenham 5-1 Fulham
Reading 0-2 Portsmouth
Blackburn 1-0 Sunderland
Liverpool 3-2 Middlesbrough

I can't seem to find any data on stats for matches beyond this point. (Sorry)

But these teams above can all keep an eye over their shoulders. The things we
do know are:
  1. Manchester United FC aren't involved
  2. The FA will have a big job on their hands
  3. The victims will suffer big time, should they be found

What do you think of all of this?
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Its a news item in here, speculation is fruitless, nothing has yet been revealed
versa said:
That is exactly what we are bantering about.

And bantering inevitably involves a certain amount of speculation.:)
of which delivers absolutely nothing - specuate all you like but I bet that if and when it comes out, you'll all be wrong ;)
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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