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WHAT HE SAID: 'I unofficially started work yesterday by watching the Grand
Slam Sunday games between Liverpool and Manchester United and Arsenal and
Chelsea on television.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'By then, it was too late to “do a Scolariâ€.'

WHAT HE SAID: 'Money is really a secondary issue. It's important, but
obviously secondary.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Money is really a secondary issue. As it would be for
anyone who will earn £684 in the hour that I will spend talking to you.'

WHAT HE SAID: 'I'm convinced that in one month, when the national squad
meets for the first time under me, I will be able to speak the language.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Owen, you're out!'

WHAT HE SAID: 'I always asked for an English coach to be integrated into
the staff ... I think it is vital to have someone who understands the national
football and language.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'We're going to start him off coaching the under 15s, then
the under 16s. After that, we'll go from there…'

WHAT HE SAID: 'A strict style of coaching is something you can only apply if
you are in contact with the players on a daily basis. I am going to have to learn
the habits of each individual initially.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Brian told me they kick off around 7pm with dinner in
Dover Street Restaurant and Bar, VIP entry into Mahiki's, then a strip joint in
Wardour Street before getting a lift home from the WAGs around 4am.'

WHAT HE SAID: 'I've always had an excellent relationship with the likes of
Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and the two notorious Spanish managers in
the Premier League, Rafael Benitez and Juande Ramos. It will be no problem
working alongside them.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Now that I want their players for friendlies, we're going
to fall out at the first opportunity.'

WHAT HE SAID: 'The decision to appoint a foreign coach was the FA's, not
mine. I was obviously one of the candidates, but the decision did not come down
to me.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Just look at the man to the left of me — Sir Trevor
Brooking's absolutely delighted about it.'

WHAT HE SAID: 'I believe the style of the team will depend largely on the
players available to me.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'You see Crouch — hit him!'

WHAT HE SAID: 'First, I have to watch all of the England games from the
last qualification campaign.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'Just send me the edited highlights, if it's ok with you

WHAT HE SAID: 'When Beckham sets his mind to something, he will usually
achieve it. David's behaviour and fitness are also important and there is still a
month for such important decisions to be made.'

WHAT HE MEANT: 'If he pops up backstage at the Spice Girls tour one more
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