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There were so many talks about which squad is better, 1999 or 2008/2009?
My answer is 2008/09 squad, but IMO the 1999 team (first 11) was better.

My best 11 would be:


Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra

Hargreaves Anderson Carrick Ronaldo

Rooney Tevez

It was hard to leave giggs and scholes out but i just cant leave anderson out. Esp when him and hargreaves are together.
Hargreaves is amazing at the wing IMO.

What are ur thoughts?

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G.Neville Johnsen Stam Irwin
Beckham Scholes Keane Giggs
...............Yorke Cole

Subs; Solskjaer, Butt, P.Neville, Brown, Bosnich

I`m shit at these, but yea something like this. 1999`s squad wins the lot definitly!
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