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Player	     Goals     Shots	On target	On target %	Shots per goal
Ronaldo	      17	166	   54	          32.53	             10.24
Anelka	      16	99	   45	          45.45	             16.16
Robinho	      14	98	   45	          45.91	             14.28
Torres	      13	75	   28	          37.33	             17.33
Gerrard	      13	119	   36	          30.25	             10.92
D. Bent	      12	61	   28	          45.9	             19.67
Rooney	      12	114	   39	          34.21	             10.52
Kuyt	      11	99	   35	          35.35	             11.11
Tevez	      10	59	   18	          30.5	             16.94
Adebayor     10	        78	   25	          32.05	             12.82
Drogba	      9	        48	   15	          31.25	             18.75
Berbatov     9	        56	   24	          42.85	             16.07
V. Persie    9	        99	   30	          30.3	             9.09
Keane	      8	        54	   23	          42.59	             14.81
Santa Cruz   4	        38	   14	          35.84	             10.52
I've got some stats here that I nicked off a Liverpool forum(stealing from scousers - how ironic).

They don't cover every goalscorer/striker in the league obviously but it's a big enough group to work from.

Ronaldo is obviously at the top because he's scored more goals (17). He's also took the most shots (166).

If we look at the shots on target as a percentage, then Robinho tops that list with 45.91% while Ronaldo is way down on 32.53%.

And if we take into account how many shots each player has taken for each goal he's scored, V. Persie is the best with only 9.09 shots per goal.

Which is the most important statistic here? Obviously the number of goals scored will be the most obvious answer, but that doesn't take into account the other statistics. You could argue that if V. Persie had been fit all season he'd have scored more than Ronaldo, or that Robinho hits the target more often than any other striker so he must be the best.

Do these stats tell us anything at all?

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On Target % is highly over-rated - you could be shooting tamely at the keeper most of the time. :p

Shots Per Goal is more reliable BUT the number of games played should be considered too for the obvious reason of consistency - having a high ratio of Shots Per Goal for just a few matches played in a season is most deceiving. :D

So I reckon the best measure should perhaps be Shots Per Goal/No. of Games Played.

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Stats can be useful, but never the tell the whole story.

IMO they only tell half the story.

When I compile reports at work, I always have to mix the stats and the 'real world' stories behind the stats to bring a complete picture.

For example:

A player maybe needed 14 shots on target for every goal he scored, so you might be inclined to say he's not as clinical as a player like v Persie who needed only 9 shots per goal.

BUT, did the goals from v Persie come against top goal keepers and op teams, or were they scored against weaker defences and lesser goalkeepers?

Was a player playing as a lone striker and maybe had to try more shots / difficult shots to score a goal?

stats don't tell us the circumstances.

Maybe a striker got all his goals from goal mouth scrambles or set pieces, but failed to score several 'sitters' in numerous one-on-one situations.

For stats to be really useful you would need ALL sorts of stats to form a complete picture.

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Positioning, and poise.

If you possess good football sense, and the ability to stay calm even when you hear footsteps, then you could be a great goalscorer. Physical ability helps, but look at guys like Ole, Zola, Muller. All small, just smooth and great finishers.

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Football has evolved a lot, so there's really not a single set of qualities that can be attributed to beeing a good goalscorer. It's rare nowadays to see teams playing with the classic striker, the man upfront, playing between the central defenders, but these to me are/were the classic goalscorers, because their only job on the pitch is to score goals. Players like Van Nistelroy, Van Basten, Shearer, Jardel, etc. were all great strikers, they could read the game, knew when and where to move, so that it appeared that they were magnets, actrating the ball to them.

Now, you don't see that anymore. Even the 2 strikers Barça has are extremely mobile, running around the whole width of the pitch. Therefore, the basic premises still aplies, in that knowing where to move to and when are still the fundamental qualities for a good goalscorer.
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