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In these days of zero rated contracts and players moving at the drop of a hat, crying to the authorities to move; now we have managers doing the same thing.

Alex McGleish resigns from the top Scottish job to take on a money earner, sorry, manager job in birmingham and now we have John Collins resigning from Hibs after only 14 months because "he has gone as far as he can take them"!!! BALLS!!!! He has been illegally contacted from the Scottish FA thats what!!!

This very morning I watched John Collins and his happy Chairman talking about how well JC is doing at the opening of their brand new training complex. JC was also talking about how happy he was and how they were going to go forward.

Less than 6 hours later and he has resigned for the above joke of a reason!!!

So I ask the question: As it is now apparently ok for anybody including the National FA of a country to contact a manager, how safe are any of the managers of the teams in all the leagues?

If Benitez gets the call from Barca or Real, or the National team, will he suddenly decide that he has gone as far as he can with Liverpool?

Will David Moyes suddenly have a soft spot for Hibernian? "I have always wanted to manage them" !!!

Will Sven Goren Turnip get the nod, albeit illegally, from X, Y or Z and suddenly declare that the manchester rain is upsetting his pet iguana's health?

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99.9% of people involved in football are in it for the money - don't kid yourselves.

I could count on one hand those footballers I think are not like this.

Actually that's not quite true......

United have had a few since I follow them......

But they have also had a few greedy ones too ... :mad:

The three best in my eyes are.....

Paul Scholes and Denis Irwin and Ole .....

I never once hear a single word of news about any of these 3 in contract talks -
or not happy with a contract - and on top of this - I never once saw them in the
news papers moaning about anything.....

Never once any bad publicity.....

Never once in any trouble !!!

So I am proud to have them as United names.

And 2 more non-greedy people are.....

Eric Cantona and Wayne Rooney.

I really believe both these guys would play for nothing - just for the love of the

Matt Busby and The 'Busby Babes' would ALL maybe fall into this category too but
I don't make comment about this because I don't know much about them in this

As for managers.....

I don't blame them for doing what they do.....

After all, they can be sacked overnight for bizarre reasons so they grab as much
as they can as quickly as they can !!!

If chairmen had more patience and respect for these guys maybe things will
change but for now - no chance !!

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Well said RD. What Collins has done is pretty disgraceful and he says its nothing to do with Scotland or his old club Fulham. I find it pretty coincidental that Fulham have just sacked Lawrie Sanchez......Poor form all round I reckon.

and carly i have to say I completely disagree with the first line of your post. Footballers play for the love of the game. Yes greed plays a part as their ego's get bigger on occasion but most of them would play for nothing if that happened to be the case. I play 2/3 times a week and PAY for quite a bit for it. Im not bothered paying as I love playing football but i think you are kidding yourself if you think 99.9% are in it for the money. That figure is miles off.
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