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The entire thing was nuts! :D I don't know about the rest of you but I never expected a match as exciting as that!

When Ronaldo scored and the commentator yelled goal, my dad was saying seriously? He didn't even see it go in!

That first goal came out of nowhere. I just remember the cross and then the ball was in the net. I didn't even celebrate I was just stunned into silence.

Then Cech made that great double save from Tevez and Carrick and I thought we were in control and going to win it.

I felt more sorry for Makelele than ever because true to form he seemed to be involved in every bone jarring tackle on the pitch.

Probably the greatest thing for me was watching Ronaldo show glimpses of brilliance against a big team in a big game.

He was a bit inconsistent, having brilliant touches then not getting too involved but whenever he had the ball he was skipping past Chelsea players.

That was great to see. Also It wouldn't be a United match without seeing Scholes get carded. Classic Scholesy.

If the first goal was out of the blue the second goal was even more random. I thought we were on cruise control then BAM!

1 - 1! What? Where in the name of all things sacred did Lamps come from? He was pretty quiet otherwise playing safe passes etc.

I was expecting a goal from Ballack who was the best on the night for Chelsea in my opinion so Lamps scoring was a bit of a shock.

Also what about the build up? Rooney saying he didn't know where Drogba's head was at.

The press predicting Drogba's wrath like the Liverpool Chelsea game where Rafa riled up Drogba and he destroyed the Scouser's.

Man Drogba's wrath was terrible to behold. :D He was so angry he didn't do anything for the entire first half!

Second half was a different story. The first half was United. The second half was Chelsea. Frankly they probably should have won it.

I knew we'd win it but I think it was the football gods smiling down on us. Chelsea hit the post twice in open play and once in the shootout.

Somebody up there hates them. :) Drogba suddenly remembers hes a striker and almost scores out of nothing.

What was it with that match where goals and chances just materialized out of nothing? Drogba smacks the post.

Lamps shaves the underside of the crossbar. Terry crumbles like swiss cheese and whacks the woodwork. Couldn't keep his footing. Poor fella. ;)

I mean thinking back on it all Chelsea had to do was take their chances and they had plenty but after Lamps effort they couldn't buy a goal.

I've got more to write but I'll stick it in a second post. Need more emoticons.

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I said I'd make a second post and here it is.

THE FIGHT!!! Now that's football! :D Man Tevez starts the entire Blues squad and somehow we end up Vidic Vs Terry.

It was the one fight every football fans been waiting for. Better than Man United fans Vs Roma fans. Better the Joey Barton Vs the Cops. :)

It was simultaneously good and bad to see the fight break up. I really was waiting for either Vidic or Terry to start WWIII.

Somehow it all cooled down then Drogba gets a red for slapping Vidic. Quite a girly slap too for a big guy.

Why'd he do it in a final? There was hardly anytime left either. Either way though I think Terry still would have been a penalty taker so it doesn't change much.

Oh and what about the cramping. Towards the end of the match it all began to look like a cheesy aerobic video.

All these blokes on the floor being massaged by anyone still standing. How many players cramped up during the game?

It must have been 3 degrees. The pitch was fine don't know what everyone was talking about prior to the match.

Oh and the substitutes. When Grant brought on Anelka I laughed. I just knew he was going to bottle it big time.

When SAF brought on Anderson I began to have heart palpitations. His shooting doesn't inspire me and with penalties looming...

The shootout. Now that was better than I'd dreamed it. When the shootout began I didn't expect Ronaldo to miss.

Once he began his run up though and he did that stuttering run up. I just went oh bugger. Bad penalty from him but forgiven. :p

I never in a million years expected Terry to be the one to crack. Maybe he just slipped but I think pressure played a part.

Which surprised me because he's one of the mentally toughest players around. Anelka I knew would stuff it.

He's an international striker and he went 7th after two defenders. He just wasn't confident.

Yeah, I should wrap things up, talking too much. :) Anderson's penalty was awesome. Never expected him to blast it.

It was his confidence under pressure that impressed me.

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RedForceRising said:
Van der Sar's penalty save. I actually saw him pointing and thought to myself "What is he trying to do?"
Hah!:) I know I saw him doing that weird pointing thing too. My first reaction was to laugh, it looked so funny!:D

He had this weird look on his face and he kept pointing to his left with his wrist bent reminded me of that Egyptian Walk Dance.

You remember the one the Bangles did in Walk like an Egyptian?
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