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Well Juve said they wouldn't sell Buffon.... lets hope so then!
Messi would be the other big nightmare, but I wouldn't see him make a move either. He's been at Barca from an early age, and they helped him with his growth (literally in height) and in football.
But.....with Messi having regular work and treatment on his legs, he's not a player than can play every match of a season. I know alot of regular players don't do this either, but with his condition its harder for him!

Let City buy who they want.....i think it's pretty pathetic they can only pose a threat with the wallet open, and buying every great player there is. All these 'amazing' players may not all play well together, which is a big problem. Teams like United and Arsenal thrive on young talent and academies within the let them buy...they might break the top four, but the nightmare will become more apparent once they buy United players (which shows where the real threat lies in them :D ) and dominate the game and ruin it for everyone with money!
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