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that scenario would leave 2 games in hand, with 10 points on liverpool.
i think we have to take the games in hand seriously, fulham are doing very well, and wigan aren't bad either, and make no bones about it, i would take the points any day of the week.
the experience of winning it counts for at least 3 points in my book, especially in the run in where every point is vital. i think liverpool can do ok until we face them. by then i expect them to be within 2 or 3 points, and if we have won our games, it will really turn up the heat.

today's outburst was the first crack appearing from benitez. i think more worrying would be the message a home loss would send out to other teams. old trafford is hard place to come, our league form shows that. i just hope chelsea don't come and win, encouraging more teams to have a go at us.
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