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TheManc said:
Simple: do what we're doing now.

I don't think Ronaldo is a problem. He plays on the right, its who plays upfront thats the problem (a good one to have aswell).

I would jsut play the inform 2 - who are currently Berbatov and Rooney. If one of them start to perform badly then they will be dropped and Tevez will come in - then its his to lose. Same thing with injuries and suspension. At the moment its Rooney and Berbatov, so as soon as Tevez gets a chance he needs to take it - like Rooney did vs Bolton a few weeks ago.

We have to remember its a long season. Once we have league games, FA Cup games and important CL games (and maybe Carling Cup games) then we'll see them all have games. After Xmas is when players start to pick of knocks, get suspensions, have a dip in form ect.

Just be patient, all will get there chance.
Exactly what you said^^^ Great post.

but if all the players were fit, Id think about playing Ronnie on the left and Hargo on the right.

When fit:



But rotation will be key considering the amount of games we will have.
And as the above post said, knocks, injuries, dips in form, strength of opposition etc...will play a big part.
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