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moondog said:
We are not at a critical point yet with back four injuries, but we're getting close.
What in the heck is going in with Wes Brown? It seems like he's been out forever.
hes had a tough season and looks like his injury problems are back aswell as that his sister(think it might be step sister) passed away aswell so its been diffcult both on and off the pitch hope he gets back soon though as he was one of our best players last season

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To be honest, I think his bad luck with hin injury has gven him enough time to grief for his sister.

Think some of you might remember that Wes flew back early form the Vodafone Cup in Africa, because his half-sister passed away.

He's had time to grief now and when he omes back he'll ant to do her proud...... and show Rafael how to put in crunching tackle - OH YEAH!!!
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