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benitez is another in a long line of managers who just can get the best from their players week in week out. houllier did the crap treble and he wasnt safe, benitez was very lucky with the two trophies he has won and luck has put him in the position in the league this season.

Frankly, from a utd perpective, I want to see him stay. His rants have been at best amusing and just seems to pile pressure back on his players.

His argument about complaining bout referees were blown out the water with the antics of the mascherano affair at OT last season. The guy is a joke and ranks only 2nd behind Wenger in the outrageous comments he comes out with.

In terms of the club, they need to stop thinking were a great club and realise great players make a great club not a great history. Once they manage to do that and get a manager who can spot talent and not the worse his country has to offer then I think we can begin to fear Liverpool once more.
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