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With Van Nistelrooy and M Diarra out for the season Real Madrid need those 2 players to be available for their 1st game in Jan so I can see why they wanted to get the deals in place before the transfer window has started.

Don't forget that United have been in discussions with Tosic and that other lad well before the transfer window.

There's nothing wrong with doing it imo.

As for the transfer window itself, it has its pros and cons.

If there was a tranfer free for all throughout the year then it would benefit the richest clubs who could buy the best players from the lesser clubs at any time meaning they would constantly be getting stronger and other teams weaker.

Some people argue that clubs should only be allowed to buy players before the season starts. However, having a mid-season window allows clubs to respond to unexpected problems. I've already mentioned Real Madrid but Everton are probably the best example - due to unforeseen circumstances (except in the case of Saha - everyone could see that coming :rolleyes: ) they have no strikers. I'd be stunned if they do not bring one in next month.

The problem is that prices are inflated mid-season because clubs know that relegation candidates/championship contenders/injury ravaged clubs are desperate to buy. Also, players may not be able to play in certain competitions after representing another club, which is usually a point of debate.
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