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antdevil78 said:
That aint really a good attitude to take and is the reason the 'big four' are seen to be pulling away from the rest of the premiership. Just cos they aint pushing for the title dont mean they should just surrender their best players to the bigger clubs when we ask for them

As much as I would like to see Berbatov at Man Utd, I have total respect in the fact that they have set their price and we need to meet that to sign him. Its the same situation as with Gareth Barry. Because Liverpool are the more succesful club should Villa let Barry go at a cut-price fee.

Unfortunately the transfer market dont work like that and United fans who adopt that stance on "Sell him cos were better than you" are not fans of football. Who would relish a chance to go for the title against say Spurs/Villa. Remember the title races against Newcastle and Blackburn? Beats 3 games into season when top is United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool and thats how it stays.

Spurs are a big club and at one point in the 50/60's, Manchester United vs Spurs was the big game, the equivalent of your United vs Arsenal games of modern-day.
Well said Ant. Agree with every word.
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