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anderson-son-son8 said:
They aren't a big club and will never be one. They can't hold on to their best players if a better club comes in for them. When they've won 10 premierships, only then will they get to be a big club.
Thats very arrogant !!!

Fergie could leave in two years, we get a bum
for a manager and they could be above us
quite easily.

RedForceRising said:
This should be in Football Banter and we already have an extensive Tottenham thread there.... ain't gonna repeat myself.
Good point RFR ...

Spurs in Man Utd Chat :confused:

4,946 Posts
A lot of the younger fans, myself included have never known failure !!

It would do a lot of people a lot of good to go and read the history of United.
About when they used to play on a ground so bad the players had to spread
tons of sand on the pitch to even it up and stop them sinking. The changing
rooms were 3/4 of a mile away at The Crown Inn and they couldn't win a game
for love nor money !!!

That would be 1892-1902 ....

They might well be massive now. You can put that down to a disaster !

There but for the grace of God ...... it could have been us the size of Spurs and
they who ruled like United do !!!

Many follow United purely because of their success too. I guess I do. Where I
grew up in the mountains miles away from cities and towns we didn't hear much
news or sod all really but guess what ? News of United always got through, no
matter what someone found out about them !! You know why ? To us they
were this massive, invincible bunch of guys who were so good people from miles
and miles around would come to see them play. They could beat anyone - they
were Manchester United !!! News of them gets to every corner of the earth and
we should appreciate this, not act like we are owed all of this because we are a
big club !!
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