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This would make us unbeatable IMO.






The reason I think that would be our best formation is because we don't have to change that for anyone. Carrick and Hargreaves compliment eachother in loys of ways. Anderson can bomb forward without his lack of positional sense getting exposed. Rooney and Ronaldo don't have to worry about defending - they have free roles.

But we need big, fast striker for it. Right now it wouldn't work as Berbatov's lack of pace will leave him isolated while Rooney isn't not right for that position. 4-4-2 is the way to go with the current squad, but I do think if we get a top striker then it would be perfect.

The annoying thing is Saha was PERFECT for this role.

Putting all your eggs in the Anderson basket. You want him to be the support striker as such yet he cant shoot for shit. He is better as a DM than anything. He gets the plays going with his bursts and quick passing, but he is shocking in the final 3rd. If you are putting Benzema in your dream team, ya may as well get someone for Anderson.

My realistic dream team:





to rotate with another striker (Benzema, Villa) who will take Tevez's place.
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