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Here's my solution and my dream United team. I say dream, but I'm keeping it realistic. I don't see us signing Benzema, Ribery or Villa.

Sign Gareth Barry: This'll be a risk, which I'm pretty confident will come off. Before you start questioning whetherh he's United quality, remember Carrick. Barry will cost around 16-20 million, and that's paying over for him, I know that. My thinking here is that Carrick needs a sustainable partner. Fletcher isn't this player. He isn't consistent enough. Hargreaves isn't either, IMO~! YES, I HAVE AN OPINION THAT HARGREAVES ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH~! OMG~! And Anderson, well, I think it's obvious he isn't that player. Instead of finding a playmaker in the mold of Scholes, we simply give Carrick a more attacking role. Maybe it's too late in his career for him to become an attacking player, but he is the only player in the world - within our reach - who can pass like Scholes, and this season he has been getting forward a lot more. If we can give him the freedom, he can definitely be a 5-10 goal a season midfielder, which we're crying out for. So Barry fits in beside Carrick, and plays in that hole infront of the defence. It's a realistic signing. He's not the best player in the world, but can do the job. He plays it simple; that's enough sometimes. Ask Keane.

Appoint a new captain: Something that has to happen within this year. I'm not writing off Neville, but he's lost a bit of pace, he's not very good at reading the game anymore, and in terms of right-backs, for me, he's fourth, behind not only Brown, but Rafael and O'Shea! The candidates for captains are then Ferdinand, Vidic and Rooney. Rooney - too young, not enough experience, and I don't think he knows how to use his influence on the team in a positive way. Ferdinand likewise, I see him shouting a lot, but it has little effect. He loses it when we go behind and runs up to the referee screaming, something I never see the final candidate do; Nemanja Vidic. Slap the arm-band on the guy! He hasn't been here long, and he'll become only our second captain not to be from the UK or Ireland, but we've had a history of putting our arm-band on our most influential player (duh), and that is now Vidic. You only have to look at the way Evans has progressed playing alongside him.

So, our team:

van der Sar
Brown, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra
Carrick, Barry, Scholes*
Ronaldo, Berbatov, Rooney

Simple, but this system could work. Brown obviously has to find fitness. I don't know what's going on with him this season. It's not that he's injured, but we've had very little update on his condition. Scholes is obviously not essential to this team. He's probably my all-time favourite player, but he's been hit and miss this season, mostly miss if I'm honest. He needs to assume a Giggs-like sparodic role. He could rotate with Anderson, Giggs, Park, whoever, and it wouldn't effect this line-up much.

That's how I roll.
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