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If I'm going to pick a dream team to go into next season with, It'd be something like this:

Formation 1

---------------------Van Der Sar




Obviously Rio and Vidic pick themselves, the rock at the back of the team. Then I'd go with Rafael and Evra bombing down the flanks, plenty of pace.

You would have Hargreaves Mopping everything up in midfield, while Carricks positioning should also provide some solidarity next to him, hoepfully Hargreaves' defensive work would allow Carrick to get forward and get creative.

On the flanks, Ronaldo and (potential signing) Ribery, to swap flanks and cause havoc, with Rooney dropping deep from upfront to control things while Benzema works the front line.

Formation 2

---------------------Van Der Sar



Similar to Barcelona's style. Would allow Giggs to impact the game, without having to look after the middle of the park on his own. The front 3 would be constantly changing positions, and causing havoc with their pace and flair.

Could be beautiful.

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Can you not see what tevez has contributed to us ? Hes an absouloute workhorse gives 100% evreytime i will cry if he leaves i love him. whos that man from argentina . .
Yes he gives 100%, but its not enough. And I have to say, if he was going to be staying permanently we would have wrapped it up by now.

Welcome to the forum by the way! :specool:

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In the style of TM I'll rate Tevez .. it looked fun!

Finishing - average
Pace - Fairly slow
Decision making - Not good - doesn't know when to release the ball or to shoot
Vision - Decent
Passing -Average
Movement - Only good when right back in midfield, when around the back 4 o the opposition he doesn't know what to do
Workrate - As good as anybody else out there
Tackling - Very good
General class, technique and ability - Average

doesn't make good reading does it

compare that to Rooney:

Finishing - good, not great but improving all the time
Pace - very quick
Decision making - excellent
Vision - excellent
Passing -very good
Movement - superb
Workrate - not far off tevez
Tackling - average
General class, technique and ability - World Class

No difference between them?
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