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This would make us unbeatable IMO.






The reason I think that would be our best formation is because we don't have to change that for anyone. Carrick and Hargreaves compliment eachother in loys of ways. Anderson can bomb forward without his lack of positional sense getting exposed. Rooney and Ronaldo don't have to worry about defending - they have free roles.

But we need big, fast striker for it. Right now it wouldn't work as Berbatov's lack of pace will leave him isolated while Rooney isn't not right for that position. 4-4-2 is the way to go with the current squad, but I do think if we get a top striker then it would be perfect.

The annoying thing is Saha was PERFECT for this role.

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Putting all your eggs in the Anderson basket. You want him to be the support striker as such yet he cant shoot for shit. He is better as a DM than anything. He gets the plays going with his bursts and quick passing, but he is shocking in the final 3rd. If you are putting Benzema in your dream team, ya may as well get someone for Anderson.

My realistic dream team:





to rotate with another striker (Benzema, Villa) who will take Tevez's place.
Anderson is at his best when he is making his surging runs with the ball (remember the impact at the Carling Cup final).

Putting him as a DM is a waste IMO. He has never played well there. The 2 games where he did ok (Arsenal and Liverpool last season) we couldn't get any possession.

Anderson can't play in a 2 man midfield. His off the ball movement is shocking. You watch Scholes and Carrick when they're together and you'll find that when one has the ball, he has 2 options:

1. Look for a through ball.
2. Pass it to his partner.

When Andersons playing you can't pass it to him as he is always marked. His spacial awareness is shocking. That makes his partner's job even harder as he has no one to pass to, therefore taking longer on the ball, slowing down our attack or just leaving his partner with no choice but to go for a killer ball from the half way line.

However, putting him in a 3 man midfield, as the attacking player, is perfect. We saw this vs Arsenal in the FA Cup where he had a passer and a workhorse as partners (Carrick and Fletcher).

An Attacking Midfielder isn't a support striker. He starts in similar positions to Carrick and Hargreaves, but he has liscence to run with the ball, or to run into the box. A supporting striker is someone who stays around the area just behind the striker. Its like comparing Lampard to Rooney (for England).

I'm not so woried about his shooting. That can improve. He's already improved a lot this year. Last year 95% of his shots went in row z. This season most of his shots are on target, even if they aren't threatening. Plenty of players are late developers in this regard. Henry was hopeless at finishing for a long time, now look how good he is.

Anderson's passing is exactly like Gerrards. Its something I've been looking at. He does them for the striker to run on to. Take Gerrard for example. For England he over hits tons of passes. Yet for Liverpool, they are great passes for Torres. Why? Because through balls are far more effective when your striker is fast enough to actually get to the ball. You thread a ball to Tevez - odds are the defender will get there first. Rooney, although quick, isn't lightening either. Berbatov also. A good example is when Anderson came on against Wigan last year. His through balls to Ronaldo were simply stunning. Remember the goal vs West Ham this season where Berbatov did that sublime peice of skill? Anderson threaded a through ball to Berba - who was too slow and only just got to it at the byline. Now ofcourse we all know what happened next, but most of the time that won't work.

In Brazil people are very worried by the way in which we are treating him positionally. As a DM he has been nothing short of shocking for them. So much so that he has been dropped for a lot of games. When he played for Porto, albeit for a short period of time, he played in the same role that Henry currently plays for Barca - an attacking left sided player. He excelled at it.

Thats why I've said numerous times that Eto'o is my dream signing. He is inch perfect for the style that I feel is best for us. Villa is my next choice. Fast as hell and is an awesome finisher. He would force us to play our football on the ground aswell. Eto'o would alow us the good old hoof now and again.

Unfortunately we won't get Eto'o as he is a bit of a trouble maker. However he only has 1 year left on his contract I think. Villa is another one who we don't seem to be intersted in either.

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To be honest, saying Tevez is one of the best strikers in the world is laughable.

Finshing - Average.
Pace - Slow-ish.
Off the ball movement - Good - though only infront of the defence - not in behind.
Decision making - good, but he takes too long.
Workrate - Probably the best in Europe.
Tackling - Brilliant.

Villa, Torres, Eto'o, Klose ect are on another level.
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