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This would make us unbeatable IMO.






The reason I think that would be our best formation is because we don't have to change that for anyone. Carrick and Hargreaves compliment eachother in loys of ways. Anderson can bomb forward without his lack of positional sense getting exposed. Rooney and Ronaldo don't have to worry about defending - they have free roles.

But we need big, fast striker for it. Right now it wouldn't work as Berbatov's lack of pace will leave him isolated while Rooney isn't not right for that position. 4-4-2 is the way to go with the current squad, but I do think if we get a top striker then it would be perfect.

The annoying thing is Saha was PERFECT for this role.
I dont think so about Berbatov,because some problems experienced last games coincides with Berbatov absent at first.
Other reason is unbelieveble quantity of rough mistakes by midfielders . Against Inter 3 of some dangerous inter attack had ,,started" from Scholes . Similar mistakes were punished against Porto.
I am absolutely agree with You that 4-4-2 was the way to go with current squad,because in few games started with only one striker the situation was no so good.
Mosltly of people can says ,, Because of Berbatov or Tevez or somebody else ",(but that is the pointless because Berbatov showed in Totthenham that he knows how to play alone and with any partners.....) .

The style of Man Untd is a specific . Mostly of teams have prolific wingers with a lot of precise cross balls supplied from left and right zones not only from corners and free kicks.

This season the Man Untd compensates lack of good crossed balls by ball control at areas before the box where Berba had some important role and in Game against Villa - Macheda .

In long term future at least 3 midfielders must join the team. Rybery looks OK for the left flank and Luiz Suarez from Ajaks, Raffael from Herta Berlin and ELANO from Citeh could be no so bad variants for player behind the strikers in the centre.
(Pirlo ,Toti ,Seedorf, Iniesta,Xabi ,Kaka are unsealistic transfers :rolleyes:)
Man Untd needs more creativity and preciseness in the midfield ,then strikers as Benzema or Saha.
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