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Funnily enough a few of my fave memories are from seasons where we didnt do all so well, obviously the treble and last season are big highlights but a few games always stick in my mind that made me feel really excited and happy (a lot have to do with beating Arsenal!!)

Beating Arsenal in the FA Cup in 99, excellent game and you new it was going to be a special year

Ending Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run,.. showing them who's boss

Ole Solskjaer scoring at the begining of 06/07 against Charlton, and Chelsea being held against 'Boro! I watched that in Prague in an Irish pub packed full of United fans,

Rooney scoring the wonder goal against Newcastle, I was at the game

Ryan Giggs scoring against Wigan this year

The United Milan 1st leg from 06/07, again I was at the game and have never been as excited at a football game in my life!

I'm sure there are many other older one's like Cantona's return etc! but these came into my head this morning!
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