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One of my favourite memories with United happened just over two months ago as United wrapped up the League title again.

It was 11th May 2008, the day we clinched our 17th League Championship. It was always going to be a nerv wrecking day with Chelsea only trailing United on goal difference.

The day didn't start off as well as it could have as I arrived in Wigan ticketless. After walking round looking for a decent pub to watch the game in, we bumped into a tout who quoted me a ticket at £350 each! As you can imagine we told him what to do.

We finally found a decent pub and I was just about to grab a pint when I read a sign saying the game wouldn't be shown here :mad:

So the search continued until we found a nice hot spot round the corner from the ground. Nice little pub, packed full of reds and Sky Sports 1 ready to go :D. Even though it took at least 20 minutes to get served each time you went to the bar, and the fact that they had ran out of pint glasses I was still having a good time. Darren Campbell was in there as well enjoying some banter with a few other reds as well as a pint of Guinness.

So a few pints later and about half an hour to kick off, I was sent back to the car to grab my flag to 'give the pub a bit of United colour'. So I jogged it back to the car, pulled out my flag and walked back to the pub ready to see the lads bring home the Premiership. But when I was about 100 yards from the pub, disaster struck.

Streams of blokes were coming out of the pub not looking best pleased. When I got back inside, the fuses had blown and we had no electricity and to top it all off, they couldn't even pull a pint :mad:

Luckily after 10/15 minutes of work everything was back up running again, and the pub was full again just in time for kick off.

The game itself was nerv wrecking and it was sheer relief when Ronaldo opened the scoring from the spot. And when Giggsy scored the second we knew the title was staying put in Manchester.

This was the point when the pub emptied again with everyone sprinting towards the JJB. Outside the ground there was singing, dancing and partying. Everyone was having one hell of a party until suddenly there was a sudden serge of bodies going flying past. One eagle-eyed bloke had spotted an exit door that was half open.

It's fairly obvious what happened next and credit to everyone who was there. What a quality away day, even if we did watch most of it in the pub.

I met some top lads that day who helped make it a great experiance.

Officially there were around 4 000 United fans inside the JJB watching United lift the Premiership, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out there were a lot more than that.
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