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Which player would you have?

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Looking at our three big rivals in domestic football ive been wondering which of the players of each team would make it in our eleven . So why not give us your views on each club and there players . Apart from the odvious (gerrard , torres , fabregas , cech , drogba ) which other players offer something we dont have and why ? for me i would take only 2 players them being cech and gerrard (hate him though) so who would you have and why?
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fazman said:
yeh but he aint that great at right back
excuse me. richards made his name in the international scene with his performance for england at right back. he only started at centre back this season under eriksson. for me, he is better than brown. can certainly can do the job in centre back.

i would go for richards, martins(he's pacy, and has great potential, definitely better than saha), and matt taylor(bolton dude who scored against arsenal twice and scored twice against us last season).
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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