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ayrton-senna3 said:
I don't like Jose Mejuto Gonzalez because he makes stupid decisions.

For example: In the 2008 Euro Qualifier match Scotland v Italy, in stoppage time, an Italian player did a foul against a Scottish player and the ref decided foul by a Scottishman. After the free-kick, scored Italy the winning goal, 2-1. Italy went to the Euro, Scotland have to stay at home.
Really? Me too!

Wonder why that is? :cool: :p

Jazz 16 said:
I think Howard Webb is a class act and definitely the best ref in the Prem league.
He makes the odd mistake but they have one of the toughest professions in the world.
I think the fact he is a Rozzer gets him a certain amount of extra respect that maybe some of the others dont get.
Absolutely agree.

I think Howard Webb is a class ref. He hardly ever makes a mistake or has a bad game. Sure he has the odd few, but they are few and far between. He tries to let the game flow, and tries to avoid giving out cards if he can.

Whenever he is given a United game, I'm pleased because I know we have the best ref in England by far in charge.

As for foreign refs, the one that immediately springs to mind of me disliking is the German, is it Herbert Fandal?

Hes a terrible ref, and looks to have it in for us. :p
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