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Which United Youngster Are You Most Looking Forward To See?.

  • Fraizer Campbell

    Votes: 10 11.2%
  • Danny Simpson

    Votes: 7 7.9%
  • Ben Amos

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Evandro Brandao

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rodrigo Possebon

    Votes: 34 38.2%
  • Danny Welbeck

    Votes: 33 37.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 5.6%
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Which United Youngster Are You Most Looking Forward To See?

Fraizer Campbell
Danny Simpson
Ben Amos
Evandro Brandao
Rodrigo Possebon
Danny Welbeck

Of the above, or any other up an dcoming United startlet, who are you hoping to
see most of?

Fraizer Campbell - Seems to have been around for a while. On the cusp of
first team action. Has made his name through his exploits in the reserves.

Danny Simpson - Argueably the most impressive last season making first
team appearences most notably the home game against Wigan where he
excelled on the right wing almost scoring!

Ben Amos - Probably has the most work of the ones listed above what with
the Dutchman in goals now and two very safe keepers coming behind in Ben
Foster and Thomaz Kusczazk.

Evandro Brandao - The Anderson of the youngsters according to most who
speak of him. Is expected to gain much needed experience next season and
tipped to break into the first team if his potential is founded.

Rodrigo Possebon - Tipped by most as the next big thing to come through
the ranks. Signed by Sir Alex in January '08 from Sporting Club Internacional,
Possebon has made quite a name for himself around Old Trafford.

Danny Welbeck - A very silky player with a great shot in his repatoire. Often
expected to play last season in the first team but making the bench at most.

Obviously, we all want to see most if not all of them develop into players who are
pushing for first team opportunities but who are you hoping to see the most?

For me its got to be the last name on that list, Danny Welbeck. Reminds me of
Jermaine Defoe in both appearance an dstyle of play. Not the tallest in the world,
but bags of ability and quality footwork.

I remember watching a few games last season where he simply stunned me to
the way he approached his decisions be it pass, run or shoot. With all the media
believing that either Huntelaar, Benzema or Berbatov could be Old Trafford bound
you do have to question why? We do have players coming up through the ranks
so why destroy their hopes and dreams by buying a new striker who, to be fair is
streets ahead of them in terms of ability, but in heart and effort? Welbeck is the
main one up there who I want to see more of this season coming.

Heres a good video of a pre season game last year. Fair enough, thats not a
world class side in front of him but its a team who want to win and he wants to
prove a point so he's going to want to give it his all. What strikes me most in that
clip above is the sheer composure of the lad. And don't post crap about him
skying a penalty either! What a moment that must have been for him. The fact
that players like Rooney and Fletcher stood aside and said, here, you deserve it
mate, simply must have heapped incredible pressure on him. His ability is there
and it swaiting t come out in my opinion. Oh, off topic completly here, but LMFAO
at John O'Shea's run in that video (Time: 1:09) Looks like he has no idea
what he's at! :p.....Irish Legend! Anyways...

This next video is from the Manchester Senior Cup. Again, highlights my points
over Welbeck's potential. This one also highlights Rodrigo Possebon's capabilities


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I hope we see lots of Welbeck next season.

Time to take the Carling Cup seriously and give the fringe players a chance.

Treat it the seame way Arsenal did last season, play the second string if you like.

Welbeck will be a United star in the near future!

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Votes speak for themseves...

Danny Welbeck and Possebon will make it IMO. The others will be there or there
abouts, but Possebon is the next Rossi to come out of the ranks and I said this
before, but Welbeck is a la Defore IMO.

I'm desperate to see them in action next season and its because of these two
above and the rest that I'm going to be taking an even deeper insight to the
youth systems and reserve set up at OT.

I'd be shocked if neither of them broke through TBH

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After seeing Darren Gibbson last night, he was very impressive to me.

Seemed to try and force the play a lot but does have something there.

Wonder how he'll be used next season...

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The youngsters did well yesterday against Kaiser Chiefs.

I thought Simpson was immense throughout and almost a la Brown in the way he
carries himself and the way he goes into tackles.

Possebon was playing (45 minutes) but never really got going. Unfortunately he
seemed out of his depth.

Campbell was interesting up front. Bags and bags of pace to burna nd I think
we'll see him in the fold more often then not this season. Fergie seems to have
taken a liking to him.

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Delighted for Cleverley...he was bright an dboy did he ooze composure in taking his goal!

Hope we will see more of him and the others thi season.

Who said United had nothing in their ranks?? :rolleyes:...The doubters are to be proved wrong!

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Well....we're a good chunk into the season now...

What have you made of our fledgling stars? Me...

Possebon and Rafael ahve really impressed me in the first team and in the
reerves, Manucho, Cleverly and Brandao have been on form, most notably Cleverly...

And a name to look out for in the Academy is Nick Ajose....;)

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