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Which United Youngster Are You Most Looking Forward To See?.

  • Fraizer Campbell

    Votes: 10 11.2%
  • Danny Simpson

    Votes: 7 7.9%
  • Ben Amos

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Evandro Brandao

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rodrigo Possebon

    Votes: 34 38.2%
  • Danny Welbeck

    Votes: 33 37.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 5.6%
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I'm lookin forward to seeing all of our youngsters, but this is what I think of them.

Fraizer Campbell

I think he will make it, if not at United than at another Premiership club. We always knew that he has pace to burn but now he has bulked up considerably and his workrate is brilliant. I think he has the potential to be as good if not better than Jermaine Defoe as I see them as similar players, only Campbell has more pace.

Hopefully he'll play a few games in Pre season and than we'll loan him back out to Hull where he can get more experience.

Danny Simpson

A few years ago I thought he'd make it but I don't think he will anymore. He's good at attacking but is very poor defensively, and the only time where he came up against decent opposition (Everton) he looked lost. He's 21 now so I don't think he'll ake it with us. Apparently he was poor with Ipswich last season aswell.

Ben Amos

I don't think he'll make it either, I actually hope he doesn't play much this Pre season because I wanna see Foster play the majority of games and get him used to our defence.

Evandro Brandao

He's a good player, though again I don't think he'll make the step up. He has been good in the youth team, There is just too much competion for him aswell.

Rodrigo Possebon

I think Rodrigo is a brilliant player, who reminds me of Michael Carrick, just a bit more mobile. His performance in the final vs City was brilliant.

I definately think he has the talent to make it with us, unfortunately we are so well stocked in CM that it will be hard for anyone to get break through in that position.

His english is very good aswell.

Danny Welbeck

IMO has the best chance to make it. Choccy and Fergie have both compared him to Kanu in terms of style. His touch, creativity and finishing are very good, and he almost single handedly won us games at youth and reserve level (mainly youth)

The thing that most people don't realise is that he is also very quick, which is somethink Kanu isn't, and last season he improved his work rate a lot.

I think he can not only 'make it', but be a 1st team player aswell.


I don't know if he's going on Pre season with the 1st team but he is a very good player aswell. He has as much talent as Rossi did when he first came, except he is a year younger, and is bigger physically which is what hindered Rossi.

Choccy likened him to Berbatov in that his touch is brilliant, plus he is a very clever player.

I think he can make it aslong as he continues to progress well.


I know nothing about him but apparently he is 'the next totti' and if he becomes half as good as totto then we have a gem here.

He is a good size aswell, so he has an advantage there aswell.

Fabio and Rafael

I have only seen them play 3 times (for Brazil) and to me Fabio looks like he could be a good player, he's similar to Evra from what I've seen and the fact that he was top scorer at the world under 18's (or whatever it was) shows he has some talent.

Rafael I wasn't impressed with, but like I said I have only seen them a few times so I can't really make a proper judgement yet.
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