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Berbatov08 said:
I just don't think evans or poss have a decent chance of making it tbh. Too much comp for places in their desired positions.


Rafael aside cause i catergorised him as already make it...Fabio if we decided not to buy another LB then i think might have a good chance. Not sure about our frontmen thou, Welbeck, Campbell both have great pontential but im not very sure if they can start ahead of the other three tbh especially when they are all fit and healthy. What with manucho? All the hype over the summer make me soo excited to see him however in the few matches he play is for us, not sure if he is finding it hard to adapt.

I always have great hope in our youngsters and always crave to see them play some part in the first team..disappointed so far with the last batch of Rossi, Pique, Simpson and etc so here hoping this current batch can do a better job.
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