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It's a tough one because absoloutly no one will want to miss out on this one, but unfortunatly some will have to. My 18 players would be

Edwin Van Der Sar
Wes Brown
Rio Ferdinand
Nemanja Vidic
Patrice Evra
John O'Shea
Mikael Silvestre
Cristiano Ronaldo
Paul Scholes
Michael Carrick
Owen Hargreaves
Ji Sung Park
Luis Nani/Darrer Fletcher
Ryan Giggs
Louis Saha
Wayne Rooney
Carlos Tevez

I couldn't decide between Fletcher and Nani for a number of reasons. Firstly Fletcher is the type of player who always seems to turn up for big games and you know what you will get from him, but it is unlikely he would start. Nani on the other hand is unpredictable and he could play a vital role in sparking a piece of magic and winning us the game. However he is a times a bit hit and miss and we need everyone to be in top form.

I left out the likes of Pique simply because I think Fergie will opt for experience and although Pique has played in the Champions League this season, the likes of Silvestre and O'Shea just have more experience.

I was also very tempted to put down Gary Neville's name. My heart said yes but my head said no, I would love to see Gary play, then lift the Champions League trophy but after only playing about 15 minutes all season, unfortunaly United's most passionate player just won't be ready :(.
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