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according to Mourinho's agent he has been promised a job at a big club (who have a manager in place) in the summer!

im thinkin Barca

but just maybe Fergie might be intending to leave, its always been said he would have an input in choosing the next manager.. we all know he's a big fan of Mourinho...

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A black horse bet might be Byern Munich.

I'm not joking about that.

In his press conference when he got sacked he said he was going to learn a new language either Italian or German.

He also mentioned that he like to manage in Germany, Italy or Spain.

I wouldn't write off Munich.

carlyluvsunited said:
He had no intentions of managing England, lmao.......:D

He used this as a way of 'flushing' out all the big clubs.....

To come and get him to work for them.....

You have been 'used' England :rolleyes:
Hadn't really thought of that but i guess you're spot on!
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