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Over the last two to three seasons, there have been many moments where a
goal wasn't allowed when it should have and vice versa. Most notably, Roy
Carrolls blunder at Old Trafford against Spurs. It's all been discussed on T.V. and
football phone-ins, but did no one ever sit down and look to see how other sports
deal with the issue? Ask the Irish!

I'll get to the point, an "Umpire". This consists of two men in white standing at
either side of the goal throughout a G.A.A. match in Ireland. They report any off
the ball incidents and help the referee, aswell as signalling whether a goal/point,
(obviously points wont be taken into count here! :p), by raising a flag to confirm a
perfectly legitimate goal had been scored or if the ball hadn't crossed the line and
a goal shouldn't be given. Perhaps not two but one anyway on the goal
throughout the game.

An Umpire during a G.A.A. game in Ireland.

Basically these are like extra linesmen as such for the referee. Before you go
questioning the idea, look at the positives:

  • They will be able to see in real time whether a goal was scored/or not,
    therefore, not resulting in a long break in play to see a video in a box in the stand
  • Off the ball incidents are often missed and these men can point out the culprits
    to the referee and give assistance
  • People questioned whether weaker, lower league teams, would be able to
    incorporate and afford the high tech system. Problem solved?
  • Whats stopping the idea being tried out?

Please give me and everyone else your views on this and agree/or not, give your
ideas too, because there are ways around problems!
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