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Rubbertoe said:
We dont need a striker, especially Owen. Who has one of the most injury prone hamstrings in the prem. At liverpool he missed 3-4 months when he tore it. Rossi has scored 9 now at Parma (2 more at the wkend) since Jan, which is more than decent cos they down the bottom fighting relegation. Bring him back and stick him in the team, and spend the dosh making sure we have some class subs for the midfield.
thats just not right,of course we need a striker,what did the gaffer bring in larrson for if we dont need a striker?
i heard torres was nailed on at one point but isnt there a recent photo of him with youll never walk alone sewed onto the inside of his captains arm band.
id honestly love eto`o to join,barca are in for some striker in holland so maybe there looking to off load him.:eek:
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