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In the South America, the Spanish and Italian giants get an amazing amount of press coverage and air time. I was told that in Brazl everyone follows Barcelona on top of their local favourites. Young players growing up in these countries, ream of playing for Madrid, Barca, Juve and AC Milan. (not Inter).

I don't think they grow up dreaming about playing for Tottenham or Portsmouth.

Manchester United and maybe, just maybe, Liverpool might sneak into their day dreams once in a while, but only for a few.

From what I read, Carlos Tevez is such a player. He was fined for wearing a man utd jersey during a training session while playing in Brazil.

The other factor is money.

You're either going to chose one of Spanish or Italian giants for their history and prestige or their money.

I think Kaka talking up a move to Man Utd is a very good thing. He wants to be in a team where he can achieve things, but he wants to be in a team that play good football.

Ramos saying positive is also great. It's telling you that all that glitters is not gold.

Players in Spain have to deal with intense media scrutiny even more than in ENgland.

With the success that Man Utd have enjoyed over the past 15 years, I wouldn;t be surprised if the youn prodigies rising through the ranks now are dreaming of Man Utd instead of Madrid.
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