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haggler said:
manchester united if based in southern spain would be everyones first choice . the weather puts many players off . sun sangria and latin lovelies or rain lager and manc mooses ? mmmmm tough one that . if you is a manc lass and not a moose accept my apologies . if you are a moose lose the lard lady--- harry ramsdens just say no !!!!

ronaldo was going to be a newcastle player but he took one night on the bigg market and realised he could never fit in where the women could beat him at arm wrestling and seas of vomit lapped at his feet and a four legged dog was a visitor
You're a genius!!!

Ya England is notoriously difficult to attract THE top talent ...

However it now being the best league in the world with significantly more money, I think the transition may take a while to sink in and as United and the other top English teams make it to the CL final year in year out players will start to take notice and start favouring moves to the Premiership as opposed to Spain or Italy!!

the weather is a big factor, also the many big names who have failed is a worry for many players who fear for their reputations..

Maybe the global warming will help United's cause!! ha!!
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