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Who wants to play for United? Not in my country sad to say.
I'm from the Philippines, and apparently almost all of the folks here love basketball. But if you ask some of them if they know football, they'd got either that helmet, hold-ye-ball bulls**te game from the Americans or plainly "soccer." (I hate it! grrr...)

For those who are fortunate enough to know footy, they would keep on ranting and cheering for Real Madrid because David Beckham came there or Posh Spice...or Barcelona because we either had the similar flag colours or had a half-bloodied countryman who played for that club in the 1900's. His name? Paulino Alcantara.

I have some football pals (as I call them), and I'm doing my best to convince them that Man Utd is the best football club there is. Its hard to do, especially if they're wearing RM or Arsenal shirts. Even my brother is an Arsenal fan, and sister goes for Liverpool! But at least they're not ranting against my fave club! ;p

I was able to read some internet threads that some players like Kaka and Raul once dreamt of playing for the club, but I'm not even sure if that's for real! As for me, I'd rather look on to the young hot prospects who will always look forward to play for the club no matter what. The big names will always change their minds, but nurtured ones? I'm sure they'll want their arses stuck on red-coloured Manc ground, that's for sure! :)
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